Anya Zmudzka is an artist and landscape designer rooted in the DC area. She is the owner of ArtGarden Design and a resident artist at Red Dirt Studio located in Mount Rainier, MD.


Anya focus is on developing well-crafted gardens, responsive to requirements of each site. Forging connections with local artists and craftsmen, she manages her projects from design through installation. ArtGarden Design’s work has been featured in The Home Outside by Julie Moir Messervy.


Anya's artwork explores our urban relationship with nature – an alienated and fascinated longing. Indoor plants are a vehicle for imagination and memory, an attempt to soothe that missing link. Yet when brought indoors in gleaming white pots - no spilled soil or water stains allowed - our plants are no longer wild. By gathering together time-worn, natural and man-made materials that reflect the endless cycle of regeneration and decay, she hopes to create opportunities for living with plants in ways that retain their imagination-feeding wildness.  

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, School of Visual Arts, NYC

Masters of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania