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Anya Zmudzka is a Washington, D.C.-based artist and landscape designer focused on creating well-crafted urban gardens.

Her interest in landscape design began while studying sculpture at School of Visual Arts in New York City. During her time in New York, she started incorporating plants into her artwork, working on installations of rooftop gardens.


She holds a master's degree in landscape architecture from University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Forging connections with local artists and craftsmen, she oversees her projects from initial design to final installation. Her work at ArtGarden Design has been featured in "The Home Outside" by Julie Moir Messervy.

Anya is a member of the Red Dirt Studio community in Mount Rainier, Maryland. Her creative work integrates ceramics, wire, plants, and found objects, exploring  the potential for merging art and nature in everyday settings as a way to reconnect with the imagination-feeding wildness of the natural world.

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